Cassandra: What it is and what not

December 7, 2014


Recently I had a chance to work on the Cassandra. To explain the need in short, it was required to have a distributed key-value store. While Redis is great but it doesn’t let you have multiple geographically distributed writable servers but Cassandra does. Writing here few points about Cassandra and so that one can keep […]

Natural Language Processing – Terminology

May 12, 2013


Artificial Intelligence has lots of application. One of which is Natural Language Processing or in short NLP. NLP is the study or processing of natural texts to find the interesting patterns or details in natural texts for other purposes like tagging a post automatically. NLP contrary to the general belief, as being very advance computer […]

Story of Memcached

January 20, 2013


One MemcacheClass to rule them all, One MemcacheClass to find them, One MemcacheClass to bring them all and in the RAMs bind them. Below is a story I found on memcached. It is an amazing story how memcache work. Two plucky adventurers, Programmer and Sysadmin, set out on a journey. Together they make websites. Websites […]

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Algorithm – N Kings

December 18, 2012


N Kings You have to place the N kings in on N squared chess board so that no two kings are in same row and column and do not attack each other. About input, first line of the input is number of testcases T. Then every next 2 lines are for the testcase. In the […]

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Wysiwyg: What you see is what you get editor

November 9, 2012


I created a wysiwyg editor using Javascript, jQuery, HTML5 and bootstrap for designing. It has some basic formatting options. I will keep adding and making it robust. But it is yours to use for the purpose. Here is the link to demo. It is compatible with firefox and chrome for now but not that much […]

Spidey: Python Web Crawler

October 12, 2012


I created a web crawler using python and its modules. It follows certain conditions like it reads robots.txt before crawling a page. If the robots.txt allows the page to be crawled the spidey crawls it. It dives in recursively. But there are certain limitations I have set. It do not go beyond 20 pages, as […]

Backbone.js: MVC framework for Javascript – Views

September 22, 2012


In the previous post, we saw Routers of Backbone. Views as name suggests give views to your page, form whatever. In a single page application, each page has a view and they in result have multiple form views eg- one for login, one for home, one for landing page. How it is done? As we […]